March 18, 2020

Dear Friends of Life,

During these uncertain times, the one constant we can depend on is that human kindness will prevail. 

Yesterday afternoon I went to our children’s’ school to collect the materials they will need to study at home for the foreseeable future. We were already on spring break when our school system announced that we would not be returning to school as usual. 

Parents collected books, assignments and other items which the teachers had so diligently and quickly put together for each student. We also shed a few tears, not knowing when our children will once again be together. 

Perhaps we all feel a bit apprehensive about the uncertainties of forced isolation.  

Despite our physical separation, we can be united with our acts of kindness toward others. 

Kindness will come in different forms in the coming days and weeks. It might look like a phone call to someone who is isolated because they are at high risk of becoming ill and asking them if there is anything they need. It might look like having your children share a video on Facebook to show the joy of family togetherness. It might look like taking some of your extra canned goods to a local food pantry so they have full shelves for the under-resourced. It might look like buying an extra gift card for parents who have been laid off and are unsure of how they will provide for their family. It might look like buying diapers and wipes online and sending them to your local pregnancy resource center. It might also look like making a meal for a family who hasn’t seen a parent for some time because they are working at a hospital or are an emergency responder. 

I’m certain that during the coming weeks, the work we do at Wisconsin Right to Life will be more critical than ever.  

As such, our team members are mostly working hard from home, ensuring that people have the resources needed during an unplanned pregnancy. Many pregnant women are especially at risk now, facing possible unemployment and needing financial resources to continue to pay their rent and provide for themselves and their children.  

The beauty of technology is that it allows us all to stay connected with you, to process requests, to work on future projects and share in community. 

If you are aware of a need, our phone lines are still open and emails are still being answered. We can be reached at (414) 778-5780 or Although you might get voicemail, please leave a message and we will respond.

Our “normal” business day might not look the same as it did just a few days ago, but the need to care for the most vulnerable doesn’t end because large gatherings are not allowed or children are learning from home.   

We pray for those who are ill to be able to receive the services they need; we pray for those who are treating the ill, and we pray for those who are unable to be with friends and loved ones. 

Continue to stay in touch and help spread the kindness with us!

Thank you for all you do on behalf of life.

Heather Weininger

Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin Right to Life

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